Traditional property management companies typically charge 10% of collected rent with the homeowner paying for all expenses, repairs, vacancy and other costs. Our program transfers all the risk of being a landlord  to us. We are very choosy about the homes that ultimately qualify for this program.  But, if yours does, then you could enjoy guaranteed monthly rent with no expenses, hassles, worries or risk.

We are able to offer the unique GUARANTEED LEASING PROGRAM to select property owners who might be considering professional property management but that ultimately want to sell. These are homeowners that know they are going to have to rent due to current market conditions but do not want any of the downside typically found when renting a house and being a landlord. This program lends itself well to property owners that may have little or no equity in their home.  Or, owners that would like to the keep the tax benefits that renting offers but do not want the challenges, risk and headaches it involves. It allows them to lease their home to a substantial and professional company with guaranteed monthly income and no expenses. Here's how it works:

We are the Master Tenant. There are no fees of any type. You don't pay us. We pay you. We sign the lease on the dotted line and are irrevocably obligated to pay rent and all maintenance and repair expenses for the term of the lease.  Whether the property is vacant or occupied our firm is obligated to make monthly rent payments.  Our ability to have an option to purchase the property is a required element of this program. We  simply agree to lease the home at a mutually agreeable rent amount with the ability to purchase at a pre-agreed price at any point during the lease.  During the lease period period you would have no expenses whatsoever related to repairs, maintenance or vacancy. And, our lease payments to you would typically adjust if there are any increases in taxes or insurance.  In addition, monthly payments are electronically transferred into an account of your choosing for easy and predictable accounting.

Property Requirements for ALL HOMES WE BUY OR LEASE: We only buy and lease Single-Family Homes. The home must have three bedrooms or more. No trailers, condos, town homes, modular, villa or attached homes

Call or email at (941) 628-3891 to schedule a quick 10-minute viewing of your property. We'll let you know on the spot if the house is of interest.

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Our GUARANTEED LEASING PROGRAM assures you of a steady flow of monthly rent regardless of the tenant experience.  We take ALL the risk of vacancy, evictions, damage and problems that may occur when renting a property.  There are no fees of any type. You don't pay us. We pay you.