Step 1

     If you don't fully understand your situation, go see a CPA or some type of tax lawyer to help you understand to the fullest extent possible.
     Step 2

     By having a tax professional on your side, you can possibly lower your IRS tax debt by something called an Offer in Compromise. When they charge you, they are out their own costs and want to keep this down if at all possible, which means you can possibly lower the amount your IRS tax debt in the process of saving them some money as well (which of course they would LOVE!)
     Step 3

     You could also set up some type of payment plan. This can be done individually or through a tax professional. If you want to pay relatively low payments to ensure you can actually make the payment each month, it's probably best to have a tax professional with you to speak to the IRS.

You may know that the IRS tax debt is something that many individuals suffer from. Many people stress themselves out over it, but there are ways to reduce your IRS tax debt. Here are a few of the ways that you can decrease your IRS tax debt and possibly even diminish your IRS tax debt eventually.
3 Steps How to Decrease Your IRS Tax Debt.